Protect Your Home's Exterior From the Elements

Invest in siding repair for your home in Bend, Redmond or Powell Butte, OR

Siding is the material that covers the outside of your home and protects it from the wind and rain. Most modern homes have vinyl siding because it's lightweight and durable. Unfortunately, vinyl siding can still get damaged by flying debris or extreme weather. ROHR Painting & Construction LLC provides siding repair services for homeowners in the Bend, Redmond and Powell Butte, OR areas. If your siding is cracked or displaced, we'll take care of it in no time.

Schedule siding repair for your home as soon as possible.

Is it time for siding replacement?

If your home goes through a severe storm, your siding may be blown away or damaged beyond repair. Without siding, your home becomes exposed to the elements. When this happens, you need a siding replacement right away. The experts at ROHR Painting & Construction can install new siding quickly and correctly.

We can also replace your siding if you'd like to update your home's look. Speak with our team about siding replacement in Bend, Redmond or Powell Butte, OR right away.